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Drives & Destinations

PIEbar: Handheld in Strawberry

Among many other amazing things, Strawberry is home to PIEbar, a restaurant that serves mouthwatering, incredibly delicious, hand-made empanadas in both sweet and savory varieties.

Lake Pleasant: An Aquatic Escape

Lake Pleasant Regional Park spans 23,000 acres for recreational uses including camping, boating, fishing, wakeboarding, kayaking, paddle-board yoga, scorpion hunting and nighttime stargazing.

The Shady Dell: Trailer Time Capsules

The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court in Bisbee lets visitors travel back in time with accommodations provided in the form of carefully restored vintage trailers from the 1940s and 1950s, a 1947 “Tiki Bus” and even a 1947 38’ Christ Craft Yacht.

Scenic Drive: The Road to Relaxation

A 6-1/2-mile stretch of roadway located on Scottsdale Road between Happy Valley Road and Carefree Highway stands as a landmark on the frontline in the effort to reduce creeping normalcy.

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