Show your stuff.

Are you a photographer? Do you capture Arizona like no one else? Then we’d love to hear from you! Currently we are accepting photo submissions that may appear in our magazine or on one of our social media sites.

Please email your submissions with your name and location of the photo to

Use of Published Photographs


By submitting photos to Images Arizona magazine, you agree that any photographic works submitted by you are created by you and that you own all rights to the photos.  You also agree that any photos may be shared on any social media platform (with photographer credit) upon submission to Images Arizona Inc.

If selected and approved for publishing, Images Arizona magazine will contact you about the printed usage of your work, which you can then either accept or decline. Photographers are credited for photos published in the article in which they are used. Although photographers retain copyright, by submitting photos to Images Arizona magazine, photographers are assigning Images Arizona magazine the right to use the photos in current and subsequent printings of the publication in which they appear, whether in print or digital format. Payment for photos is decided by the Publisher of Images Arizona magazine at the time of initial usage and includes any subsequent use in print or digital format.

Published work

When photos are published in Images Arizona magazine, photographers may request to receive a copy of the issue featuring their work. Photographers may also request to receive digital tear-sheets of the pages on which their photos appear. Should another publication request us to provide usage of your submitted or published photos, Images Arizona magazine will forward those requests on to you, the photographer, or advise the requestor to contact you, the photographer, directly. Images Arizona magazine will not release your photos or usage rights to other publications under any circumstances unless you have requested Images Arizona magazine to do so in writing (with your signature). Submitting copyrighted images to Images Arizona magazine does not preclude photographers from publishing the same images elsewhere.

Please email Images Arizona magazine’s editorial office for further information at

Technical Guidelines

Please send the highest quality/largest size image possible.

  • Largest possible file sizes are always recommended to produce the best results.
  • File sizes over 1mb are usually large enough as a general rule.

TIP: Not sure how big your photo is? On your PC, right click on the photo icon. Select ‘properties’ from the menu, and click the ‘summary’ tab.

  • We recommend using a 5 megapixel digital camera or better and use the highest quality setting when you shoot. If you use a camera phone, please change the camera settings to the highest possible quality setting and export the image off your phone at full size.
  • Please do not distort the image by applying photo filters or effects.
  • Do not attempt to increase the size of an existing image using filters or software. This will not improve the quality or make it appropriate for printing.