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‘Fall,’ ‘Mack & Rita’ and More

This weekend, two new films hit theaters — including an adrenaline-fueled thriller set atop a remote, abandoned radio tower and a comedy in which Diane Keaton plays the unlikeliest of social media influencers — while four new features and one new series hit streaming services.

‘Nope’ and ‘Gray Man’

This weekend, filmmaker Jordan Peele reunites with “Get Out” star Daniel Kaluuya in the expansive horror epic “Nope” while directors Anthony and Joe Russo reunite with “Captain America” and “Avengers” star Chris Evans in the action-packed summer blockbuster “The Gray Man.”

‘Crawdads,’ ‘Paws’ and More

This weekend’s new entertainment releases include a dramatic mystery produced by actress Reese Witherspoon and an animated adventure loosely inspired by the 1974 Mel Brooks comedy “Blazing Saddles.”

‘Minions,’ ‘Terminal List’ and ‘Baymax’

This Independence Day holiday weekend will see the return of the incoherent yellow creatures known as the Minions to theaters as well as the streaming debut of a Chris Pratt-led action series and a series centered around one of the most memorable characters to have come out of Disney’s modern catalog of animated films.

‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’

Whether you want to brave the box office crowds for “Jurassic World Dominion” or stay home on your sofa for “Ms. Marvel,” this weekend will be best spent indoors — out of the scorching sun and the hard-to-bear heat.

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