Built to Last

The Wedge family loves to build. It’s in their blood. A resident of Arizona for nearly 40 years, Greg Wedge Jr., the patriarch of the family, currently lives in North Scottsdale…

An Ode to Whiskey

Lance Carver leans back in his chair, happily worn from a good day’s work. Pausing for a moment, he raises a tulip-shaped glass to his nose and takes a hearty whiff…

Saquaro Splendor

Amidst the sprawling Sonoran Desert, the saguaro cactus makes its exclusive home. It is here, and only here, that the largest and perhaps most treasured cactus…

The Athlete’s Home

Healthy living communities have been popular over the last 15 years, with homeowners now enjoying miles of walking, hiking and biking paths throughout communities

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