AZ Faces

Paityn on Pointe

Back in January, Boulder Creek High School senior Paityn Lauzon was a finalist in the Youth America Grand Prix Phoenix Division, the world’s largest ballet competition. Yet she can’t remember the moment her dance career began — understandable, considering she was only 3 years old at the time.

Voices of Gold

A bouquet of paper roses may not be fragrant, but for Diamond Canyon School choral teacher Caroline Kaupa, they smell as sweet as the real thing. A few eighth-grade choir students handmade them to symbolize the journey of Caroline and her 60 seventh and eighth grade choir members, some of whom have worked with her since the fourth grade.

Anarchy in Anthem

It was the second hour of a two-hour softball practice. Ten players had their head in the game until infielder and team captain Tori Krayeski threw a dead tarantula at shortstop Sydney Barnes. That’s what best friends do — especially when you and your bestie are on a fast-pitch softball team that’s been together since you were 9 years old, and that team is named Anarchy AZ.

Mike Aldrich: A Passion for Postage

The world of philately (collection, appreciation, and research of postage and imprinted stamps) may be a foreign one to many, but for philatelist and author Mike Aldrich…

Artist Janet Towbin

Janet Towbin creates art from intricate patterns. Her pieces draw the viewer in closer and closer, until they are enveloped by the beauty…

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