Photo by Ron Sill

Earlier this year, Chandler resident Ron Sill embarked on a post-work hike on Massacre Grounds Trail in Apache Junction, arriving there about an hour before sunset.

“I had hoped to get Four Peaks in the blanket of snow, so I hiked up toward Praying Hands to get a better elevation view but the top of Four Peaks stayed shrouded in clouds,” Sill says. “On my way up, I noticed this field of flowers. So when it was apparent that Four Peaks was not going to show the peaks, I headed back down to this spot.

“There was a thick bank of clouds overhead, but there was a gap in the clouds at the horizon. The sun was setting, so I was sure that the light would peek through briefly before the sun fully set. The plan was to get to this point in the image before that happened with the hope that the underside of the clouds would pop with color — which didn’t happen, but I got this shot instead.”

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