Where Art Lovers Artists Connect; Artist Spotlight Barbara Rudolph, 27th Annual Celebration of Fine Art


Writer Grace Hill

Through an eye for detail and a love of storytelling, Barbara Rudolph skillfully creates paintings that bring forth a myriad of positive emotions — nostalgia, comfort and joy.

“When people look at one of my paintings, they are often moved by the fine detail and the beauty in nature,” says Rudolph. “They feel a sense of attachment to the piece because of the emotion it evokes.”

With careful planning and meticulous strokes of the brush, Rudolph’s artwork showcases mastery of high-quality realism. However, her paintings also reflect her fun and imaginative side. Whether she paints a baseball glove or a delicate teacup, she places a small bird in the image that transforms it into a sweet moment in time.

Those looking to admire Rudolph’s exquisite artwork in person currently have the opportunity at this year’s 27th annual Celebration of Fine Art. As Arizona’s longest-running art show, the Celebration of Fine Art brings more than 50,000 people from around the country and the Valley to the big white tents in Scottsdale.

This creative gathering allows 100 emerging and acclaimed artists, who have been selected through an invitation-only process, to display their one-of-a-kind paintings, sculptures, photography, glass work and more. After opening on January 14, these artists will continue to showcase their work until March 26.

Rudolph, who currently enjoys her 12th straight year as a participant, can attest to the importance of an art show like this.

“The Celebration of Fine Art has become a family of artists where we can all work and create together,” she says. “This show is unique in so many ways. It is always a wonderful opportunity to gain new friends, clients and experience exhibiting and selling work to true art lovers. It is the highlight of my year.”

Artists do not simply display their work at the Celebration of Fine Art; they create art in working studios right before guests’ eyes. Throughout the 40,000-square-foot area, attendees enjoy watching creative pieces come to life, ranging in styles from realistic to impressionistic, and abstract to contemporary. In addition to the indoor space, a spectacular outdoor sculpture garden showcases nearly 100 pieces of life-size sculptures.

“The Celebration of Fine Art brings some of the finest artists from across the country all together under one roof,” says Rudolph. “It is definitely one of the most inspiring and enjoyable art events in the Southwest. Guests can expect to be dazzled by the entire event.”

A special aspect of the Celebration of Fine Art belongs in its Art Discovery Series, held each Friday from 4 to 5 p.m. The series allows guests to interact with artists through informal panel discussions, where they can learn about various topics and techniques, and also hear personal stories from the artists. Wine and cheese will accompany each panel discussion.

The first panel discussion for the month on February 3, titled “Creative Couples,” discusses the working dynamic of artistic couples. The February 10 discussion, “Palette Perfection,” examines the use of color in art and how it affects viewer perception. The panel discussion scheduled for February 17, “The Story of the Celebration,” takes a look at the history and impact of the Celebration of Fine Art. And on February 24, “Strength Through Diversity: A Synthesis of Abstraction and Realism,” focuses on the fusion of classical realism with contemporary abstraction by artists.

With children and adults both encouraged to be a part of this exciting experience, the Celebration of Fine Art creates a welcoming environment for all who are eager to be fully immersed in the world of fine art. Whether the purpose of attending is to acquire artwork for an extensive collection or to make a first-time art purchase, something special will be found.

Celebration of Fine Art
18400 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale
Jan. 14 – Mar. 26
Mon. – Sun.: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Adults: $10
Seniors/military: $8
Children under 12: free


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