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Going Public

The city of Scottsdale this year is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its oldest large-scale, public artwork while simultaneously dedicating its newest.

Wonder & Whimsy

Through Touch of Wonder Designs, 53-year-old Anthem resident Kelly Autry has finally realized a dream she had 30 years ago to own her own business through which she embraces and exercises her creativity.

Wild Precision: Trevor Swanson Art

Each depiction of a quail, a coyote, a roadrunner or a bison tells a story of its own time and place and of wildlife artist Trevor Swanson’s adventurous experiences that inspire the paintings.

Desert Dreams

Over the past decade, native Phoenician Chad Norris has made a name for himself as a top creator of eye-catching desert-friendly gardens in the North Valley.

In Full Bloom: Botanical Artist Dyana Hesson

Bringing the natural beauty of the desert to discriminating clients through her art, Dyana Hesson gathers inspiration from a variety of sources. Each painting is a work of love and, like the desert, the unique elegance of each piece reveals itself during the weeks and months during which it is created.

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