Writer Amanda Christmann
Photography Courtesy of Pesavento Jewelry and Loralei Lazurek

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to designer jewelry, Marino Pesavento and Chiana Carli have the market on combining technology with sophistication.

From a hidden room in their Vicenza, Italy workshop, the two have not only created beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, but they’ve developed an innovative—and highly secret—formula that makes their sterling silver and gold jewelry easy to identify as Pesavento originals.

Thin, silky lines define the Pesavento style. Sleek rows of diamonds and understated yet elegant stone mounts bring a sense of panache with none of the gaudy brazenness some designers choose to emphasize. While some designers focus on creating diamond rings, for example, a Pesavento ring is a thing of beauty in itself, and diamonds may provide a subtle and exquisite element.

Since 1992, Pesavento Jewelry has redrawn the boundaries of what jewelry should look like. It’s a beautiful marriage of contemporary design and forward-thinking scientific experimentation.

From his office in Italy, Marino Pesavento shared his vision. In eloquent, accented English, he summed up his work.

“One thing is that I work a lot in order to find a uniqueness in our jewels, not only the shape but also the finish,” he said. “Our style is unique, and because the quality is the top, our silver jewels are as if they are done in gold. They are unique and beautiful, and completely different from others.

“If you want to distinguish yourself and to be your own person, you will love our jewels.”

Pesavento features two kinds of finishes: one they call “Polvere di Sogni,” and the other, evident in their Spring collection, is defined by thin bands of metal intertwined.

“They are sparkling, very beautiful and very feminine,” Marino says.

The Polvere di Sogni finish is created using nano technology—something completely original in the jewelry market. Micro particles are cut into hexagonal shapes to give these pieces an unreplicated shimmering sparkle.

“Polvere di Sogni—that one is very special finishing. No one copies it. I decided to protect and put this work in special area I call the Coca Cola room. Nobody can enter this room; it is very unique, and we must do this to protect it.”

To describe this finish is difficult, simply because it is unrivaled. It is a combination of eye-catching shine and rich texture—the kind of piece that makes others take a second look and ask, “Where did you find that?”

“It’s something very new, and we are very confident it is working very well,” Marino says. “It is contemporary, modern and clean. We like a lot of architectural style—we like a clean style.”

By all accounts it is resonating with women across the globe. Pesavento is currently positioned in medium- to top-end jewelry markets in approximately 50 countries and growing.

Its availability in the U.S. is limited, but Grace Renee Gallery, which opened in Carefree’s historic Spanish Village shopping center in late October, has chosen to feature it among their fine jewelry collection.

“Everybody thinks that the American market is different, and everyone thinks that the German market is different,” says Marino when asked about breaking into the North American market.

“Something beautiful is beautiful everywhere. A beautiful woman is beautiful everywhere. It doesn’t matter if she comes from Italy, America or Germany. It doesn’t matter where you are from. We have focsed our attention in order to create jewelry for international taste.

“The people with an open mind who are in contact with other cultures understand what we are doing. It is different. We call our style an international style.”

<“Pesavento Jewelry is art,” said Grace Renee Gallery owner Shelly Spence. “When I opened Grace Renee Gallery, I wanted to bring something to the area that no one else was making available, and Pesavento does that,” she explained.

“The jewelry we choose is an expression of ourselves. For me, Pesavento represents a part of myself that’s refined and sophisticated. I believe there are a lot of women who will feel the same way, and who will relate to it on a deeper level, the same way it resonates with me.”

Spence’s reaction to Pesavento was exactly what Marino strives to create. It’s not about versatility so much as it is about individuality.

“We like when the woman selects jewelry for the kind of clothes she is wearing, and for the correct mood she is feeling,” he says. “It is a way to help the person wearing it to express themselves through their jewelry. It is a way to deliver good energy and to make them feel good.”

Marino and his partner Carli, who are often described as twin souls, strive to make “poetry” of their designs.

“We have always been attracted to jewels because of the shape and opportunity to express our vision of beauty. Before we began Pesavento, what we saw in the windows of the jewelry stores—we were not impressed. We want to create a new brand, identity and vision for jewelry.”

Through timeless yet state-of-the-art design, Pesavento is doing just that.




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