Photo by Eric Jewett

This past fall, Tucson resident Eric Jewett made the trek to Gates Pass — a scenic overlook along the crest of the Tucson Mountains that provides unparalleled desert views — to enjoy the cooler weather and the beautiful post-monsoon greenery.

“I hiked around looking for good vistas when I saw this rocky outcropping across the valley,” says Jewett, noting that Gates Pass looks out toward Old Tucson and the Sonoran Desert Museum.

“I made my way up there in a rush to catch the sunset and happened across this couple already sitting on the rock, enjoying the view. I considered asking them if they would like their picture taken, but I did not want to interrupt their moment; so I quietly snapped a few pictures and hiked back down.

“It was a really hazy day, which helped contribute a sense of scale to the view. I think what makes the picture special — aside from the great sunset — is the moment that I captured between these two. It was chilly, yet they sat apart from one another. Maybe it was their first date?”

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