Photo by Romi Boon // © Romi Boon Photography

Earlier this year, photographer Romi Boon opened the blinds of her RV at daybreak to discover a very rare and surprising sight: a winter wonderland in the desert.

“Knowing that I had only minutes before the sun would break through the clouds and melt the snow, I quickly got dressed and headed out into the serene calm of the white desert,” Boon says. “It was so beautiful. It didn’t take long for my hiking boots to become wet and my fingers to freeze; however, I was so excited that it was easy to ignore.

“There wasn’t a lot of light, so I placed my camera on a tripod and took a number of exposures at different focus points then combined them in Photoshop. Fortunately, there wasn’t any wind, or else that would have been impossible; nothing can move when you place multiple images on top of each other.

“What I love about this image is that most of the desert cacti are represented in the photograph and the small shrubbery disappeared beneath the snow. I also love that the mountain is in the background because it adds a sense of depth to the overall image.”

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