Writer Fadi Sitto

Photography Courtesy of Sedona Community Farmers Market

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you know your farmer, you know your food. Live by one of nature’s golden rules in one of our state’s most idyllic settings, Sedona.

Sedona is Arizona’s Mona Lisa, and is known to have seduced many a heart. This open-air painting of a city is also known for its love of environment, healthy living lifestyle and friendliness. 

If you’re making the scenic drive up from the Phoenix area, why not skip the tourist traps this time and head to the Sedona Community Farmers Market? It’s here where you’ll find the wonderful example of genuine local flavor.

With our days often consumed by hyper-connectivity and short attention spans, we sometimes feel like something is missing. We hunger and thirst for real community, real anything.

At Sedona’s community farmers market, you are pleasantly immersed with everything-real. 

Every weekend, locals and visitors alike gather on an unassuming plot of dirt and pavement in search of healthy, locally grown foods that stem from these proud historically agricultural communities. 

Rain or shine, the Sedona Community Farmers Market is open weekly and offers a plethora of garden-fresh sourced produce, fresh fruits and unique goods directly from area farmers, artisans and producers. The live music is a nice touch as well.

Arriving to the market early, the late spring Northern Arizona morning seems to easily unfold for me, in a simple sort of way. There is no one hounding you for your time or asking for answers to pointless questions. You feel healthy, whole and existent, like the foods and flowers here. 

If you want your “stop and smell the roses moment,” you’ll find it here at this community farmers market. 

The Sedona Community Farmers Market in particular, is committed to providing a showcase space for smaller-scale farmers and growers to flourish within the community they call home.

Local vendors are welcomed with open arms to sell their local, sustainably grown food as well as other hand-crafted products. The community market also promotes agronomic-education in the community and encourages people to grow their own food.

“Wow, this orange actually tastes like a real orange,” says Jonathan, a Sedona resident, as I continue my morning market stroll.

Of course, you’ll find a considerable variety of real, hand-picked fruits and hard to find vegetables, but you’ll also be delighted with the unexpected. My favorite was the raw chocolates and truffles.

Surrounded by smiles, as you walk passed the table of Italian inspired treats and the homemade tortilla chips and salsa booth just a few steps away. Maybe you want to have a romantic Sedona picnic lunch? Grab everything you need here.

Let your senses make memories and walk your-day-away through the rows of stalls and market pathways to experience everything from artisan breads to healing products. From raw honey to locally made almond butter and locally distilled essential oils, you can find it here.

The success of the Sedona Community Farmers Market can be traced to Katrin Themitz, founding director of the market. 

Her mission is to support wide-ranging sustainable agricultural activity and increase the stream of locally grown food for the Verde Valley community. What better way to build community than with food. Supporting area farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs is crucial for the growth of food-based economic improvement.  

Sedona’s community farmers market began in 2009 and is the only farmers market in Northern Arizona that is open year-round. With the outpouring of local support, it is consistently voted one of Arizona’s top 10 farmers markets. 

One of the best ways to learn and explore the heart-beat of a city is by visiting their farmers markets. With Sedona being one of the more inviting locations for a community farmers market in the entire country, its setting and tranquil atmosphere is not to be missed.


Sedona Community Farmers Market

2201 W. State Route 89A, Sedona  | See website for summer market location and schedule | 928-821-1133 | sedona-farmers-market.com