Writer Shannon Severson // Photography Courtesy of Immersive Klimt: Revolution

Descend from the street level in the heart of Scottsdale and enter the world of Viennese modernist painter Gustav Klimt, who is probably most well-known for his “Golden Phase” in which he used gold leaf in “The Kiss.”

At Immersive Klimt: Revolution, the iconic artist’s work is put into historical perspective as you are surrounded by projected images and accompanying music from both Klimt’s era and more recent years, that is a completely enveloping — and even meditative — experience.

Klimt was a leader of the Viennese secession that transformed European arts culture in the late 19th century. Despite the traumatic loss of his father and brother and the raging of the first world war, the artist continued to produce and evolve in his subject matter and use of color.

Richard Ouzounian, creative consultant for Lighthouse Immersive — which produces immersive experiences with Impact Museums for Klimt and Vincent Van Gogh in the same Lighthouse Artspace — says the motto for the show is, “Surreal. Seductive. Sublime.”

“Klimt’s often surreal work kept bending the boundaries of reality in a manner made for this kind of all-encompassing show,” Ouzounian says. “His seductive works like ‘The Kiss’ acquire even more power when blown up to 50 times their original size. And the way that images, sound and color all unite wind up giving the viewer a truly sublime experience.”

Immersive Klimt: Revolution // See website for dates and hours // Lighthouse Artspace // 4301 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale // $35+ // immersiveklimt.com