Writer Shannon Severson // Photography Courtesy of Fever

If you close your eyes, music can transport you to another time and place, stirring emotions and memories as the melody ebbs and flows. When you open your eyes at a Candlelight Concert, you’re also in a beautiful space.

Phoenix is one of 80 worldwide cities to host performances of this type in churches, libraries, mansions and museums. Classical music lovers, jazz fans and pop aficionados alike will probably find a performance that suits their taste.

More than 31,000 people have attended the experience in venues all over the Valley.

This May, The Children’s Museum of Phoenix will be the site of tributes to contemporary artists Taylor Swift and Queen by the Listeso String Quartet, as well as the music of pop sensation Ed Sheerhan. At The Phoenix Art Museum, patrons have their choice of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or romantic jazz performances featuring Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and more. Several of these artists will be featured in June performances indoors and outdoors at Butterfly Wonderland.

Feverup communications specialist Farah Jad says that Candlelight Concerts provide classical music fans an opportunity to be reminded of why they fell in love with the genre and music fans of all genres an opportunity to hear some of their favorite songs in a new way.

“Watching a crowd wave a candle in the air as they sing along to ‘We are the Champions’ or seeing a little girl dance with her mom to ‘Under the Sea’ with background animal noises at the Phoenix Zoo are things you’ll only catch at a Candlelight Concert,” Jad adds.

Candlelight Concerts // See website for dates, times and locations // $30+ // candlelightexperience.com