A New Horse in Town


Writer Grace Hill

Walking into Cave Creek’s Big Bronco, customers immediately appreciate owner Faith Weinberg’s passion for all things Western. Not only because the store overflows with beautiful Western items like masculine leather lounge chairs, decorative antique pieces or lighting created from antlers, metals and wagon wheels, but also because each item displayed reflects Faith’s desire to give every customer the opportunity to live the Western dream. She accomplishes this by featuring high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces, making each purchase an exceptional experience.

After opening the store in 2000, Big Bronco consistently provides customers with the most sought-after pieces needed to create an eclectic Western look within their home. These pieces, while rustic in nature, reflect a contemporary feel, allowing customers to purchase pieces that mix well with more modern decor. Additionally, Faith believes in choosing both nature-friendly and handmade items made from 100-year-old reclaimed lumber, natural mesquite, turquoise inlays, hand-carved teak and more, helping customers to find pieces that display colors and textures found in the West.

“When customers walk into the store, I want it to be an experience — for them to get lost in the beautiful Western feel that I’ve created,” says Faith. “And also, for customers to find items that cannot be found anywhere else. The way I buy will be different than any other store. I even work with some manufacturers to create one-of-a-kind pieces. So there is a personal touch with everything. But it’s important to me that we only carry the finest quality at a reasonable price.”

It’s also essential to Faith that customers purchase quality products from local or American artisans. Because of this, she searches for new product lines and accessories to carry. One of the latest additions to Big Bronco’s inventory is a horse sculpture line by Attila’s Bayshore Studio, which is based in San Francisco — an addition that aligns with Faith’s passion.

“When I was a child in Ohio, I would ride often,” recalls Faith. “When I moved out here, I eventually bought a mare named Daisy and then adopted, from Triple R Horse Rescue, a mini named Rosie. I now work with both Triple R and Arizona Equine Rescue by donating items from my collection for fundraising or by giving a percentage of my special event sales. Horses are a part of the West and part of the love of my life, so it is only natural to carry horse art within my store.”

Specifically, the horse sculptures, created and designed by Attila Tivadar, are a unique item for any home. With more than 30 years of sculpturing masterpieces, Tivadar’s creativity and originality unfold throughout his horse sculpture line.

“I typically create the original artwork in plasticine clay,” says Tivadar. “I don’t use drawings. I use an idea from my head and let the clay lead me from there, often far from the original idea. My inspiration comes from all over the place.”

Like Faith, Tivadar’s inspiration comes from his strong connection to horses. Growing up with an avid horse rider for a father, it was only natural for him to bring the image of a horse into his artwork. Not just because horses filled his past, but because he has a deep appreciation for them.

“I really respected the grace and beauty of these animals,” explains Tivadar. This kind of respect embodies the sculptures. Whether sculpted as a stand-alone figure or connected to a bowl, Tivadar’s horses display texture, movement and simplicity.

The horses are available in five different finishes: clay, tan, turquoise, brown and verdigris, so customers can choose the horse that will fit perfectly in their home — just like every other item that Faith carries in her store.

Big Bronco
6602 E. Cave Creek Rd.
Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sundays, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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