Where Art Lovers&Artists Connect, 27th Annual Celebration of Fine Art: Kathleen Hope


Writer Grace Hill
Photographer Timothy Wampler

Since mid-January, people near and far have excitedly made their way to Scottsdale’s superior art show, the Celebration of Fine Art. Under the big white tents guests explore the most extraordinary kinds of art. Art that beautifully showcases 100 talented juried artists.

With the final day of the art show on March 26, a few weeks remain to visit countless galleries and working studios weaved throughout the venue. Those attending will not just admire completed works of fine art but also have the opportunity to observe artists creating pieces of art.

One gallery and working studio, in particular, belongs to Fountain Hills artist, Kathleen Hope. Her distinctive art, exhibited in five galleries nationwide, consists of an unusual element — cement. A material that unexpectedly took center stage in her already established career as a mixed-media artist.

“One reason I was inspired to work with cement was that I moved here from a cold climate eight years ago. I was a mixed-media artist and was so happy to be outside without winter,” says Hope. “I started to look at outdoor spaces. They were so beautiful but had no original art. I looked at cement as a personal need to create outdoor art. So, I played with cement and absolutely loved it.”

Her passion for using cement for outdoor art grew increasingly, which eventually drove her to develop indoor pieces comprised of cement as well. With the cement as her base, Hope incorporates various materials to create an extremely sculptural and textured work of art, which reflects her contemporary and architectural outlook on life.

Hope explains, “I have a background in color psychology in interior design. A lot of my inspiration comes from my background with color consulting for architects and builders. I have also been an abstract painter for 20 years, painting nature, stone and trees, but I have a very different take on them. It’s contemporary; inspired by architectural patterns. That’s how I work.”

Anyone interested in seeing Hope’s cement creations come to life can visit her at her working studio in Fountain Hills. But there’s still time to catch her at the Celebration of Fine Art, an event she has participated in for four consecutive years.

“It’s incredible,” says Hope. “Part of the reason I like it so much is that I’m a gallery artist. I don’t get to meet my collectors often, unlike at the Celebration. You meet them and have conversations about the artwork.” She goes on to say, “It brings together people of all ages and visitors cannot believe just how much talent is under that tent. They love the fact they can meet the artist, develop a relationship with them and look forward to this event every year.”

Another way to meet Celebration artists is through the panel discussion from the Art Discovery Series held each Friday from 4 to 5 p.m. The remaining panel talks include: The Art of Fire and Ice on March 3; Conversations with Collectors on March 10; Texture Talks on March 17; and Manipulating Metal on March 24. At these discussions, with a reservation, guests will enjoy some wine and cheese.

Do not miss out on this wonderful event that supports artists and their breathtaking artistic creations. The convenience of 100 artists in a central location mixed with an up-close-and-personal interaction makes this the ideal art event.

Celebration of Fine Art
18400 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale
January 14 – March 26
Monday through Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Adults: $10; seniors/military: $8;
Children under 12: free


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