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Intricate Beauty

Writer Shannon Severson Photography Courtesy of Baiyang Qiu Jewelry [dropcap]A[/dropcap]s ephemeral and delicate as a dandelion’s downy fluff or the…

By Beauty Obsessed

Writer Shannon Severson Photography Courtesy of Western Spirit: Scottsdale Museum of the West [dropcap]T[/dropcap]hroughout human history, people have collected beautiful…

Beauty in the Details

Laura Bicego is outspoken and passionate in characteristic Italian style, but it’s what’s not expected about Bicego that draws me in as she speaks. Bicego is a woman’s woman. Her goal is to empower women through art, and her medium is 18-karat gold and beautiful organic stones.

Faux the Beauty

For a couple of guys who make their living fooling the eye, Rich Kovacich & Felix Lagazo are as real as they come.

Beauty Discovered

There used to be a time when artist Niki Woehler was too shy to share her love of creating art. But as with any talented artist, there is simply no way to contain artistic passion; it bubbles to the surface where it can be seen and get the attention that it deserves. Woehler’s painting talent has always been there, but the passion came knocking loudly and incessantly just a few years ago.

Experience Art in the Beauty of Sedona

Each year, the Sedona Visual Artists’ Coalition invites guests from across Arizona to visit stops on the Spring Open Studios Tour, which provides a unique opportunity for guests to visit artists in their studios. For the first time in 15 years, the tour will encompass three days of artistic insight and excitement April 27 through 29.

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