Photo by Darcy McSheffrey

While on a campervan road trip through the Southwestern United States, Ottawa, Canada resident Darcy McSheffrey and her boyfriend stopped in Arizona to hike Cathedral Rock Trail in Sedona.

“I had seen many pictures of the unique rock formation throughout my research that made this hike one I looked forward to the most out of the whole trip, McSheffrey says. “I could not get over how incredible it was to see and hike this trail in person. I think that I stopped every two minutes to take a photo.

“We started our hike at about 5 p.m. with the goal to see the sunset on the rock formations. This hike turned out to be breathtaking, with the sun igniting the spectacular fiery orange and red hues of the rocks.

“The final steps as you summit the rock are magical. Cathedral Rock has one of the most spectacular sunset views I have ever seen. I was in awe at every turn. We took our time just sitting at the top and taking in the scenery; it is nothing short of incredible.”

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