Monthly Archive: October 2018

Intuition, Improvisation and Inspiration: Michael McKee

When Michael McKee is painting, he is in the moment. Much like a jazz musician who improvises while playing a song, McKee relies on his intuition to guide him with every stroke of pigment as he creates colorful, bold, contemporary pastel abstract and landscape paintings.

The Art of Solitude

Seth Fairweather is comfortable in silence. Slow with a smile, he is frugal with his words, relinquishing them quietly and without hyperbole. His black shirt and faded black jeans underscore his reticence, and a brow deep in thought hoods his blue eyes.

Coldwell Banker Concert Series

The North Valley is home to some of the most lauded and accomplished musical organizations. One of the newest, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Concert Series led by Executive Producer Joseph Wytko, has found its niche among them.

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