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Avian Affection

In honor of Valentine’s Day this month, Images Arizona is showcasing some of Scottsdale resident Tom Mangelsdorf’s photographs of rosy-faced lovebirds, from whom we can learn a thing or two about affection.

Summer Livin’

Earlier this summer, Images Arizona invited its readers to share photos of their expeditions and adventures, eager to see where the road has taken them.

Fine Feathered Friends

A new documentary about Liberty Wildlife focuses on the rehabilitation, conservation and cultural significance of Arizona’s bird populations.

Taking Time to Paint the Flowers

Our Sonoran Desert trails provide Cynthia Eral with plenty of inspiration for her art. Whether it is a wild animal, a majestic sunset or one of the beautiful botanicals that are unique to our Sonoran Desert, absorbing the natural world helps the artist connect with her subjects and find the right feeling or emotion that she wants to convey.

Baronial Bighorn

North Phoenix resident Isabel Guerra Clark shares a photo that she took of a pair of bighorn sheep near Canyon Lake.

Peacefully Paddling

East Phoenix resident Greg Abbott shares a photo that he took of his daughter, Meghan, paddleboarding near a herd of wild horses on the Salt River.

The Beauty Between the Spines

May offers prime time viewing of saguaros, cholla, barrel cactuses and more suddenly showcasing some of the most colorful and dynamic flowers that you have ever seen.

On the Wings of Love

There is a lot of love, passion and heart that goes into the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the more than 800 wild birds Wild at Heart takes in each year.

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