Photo by Derek Ryan Matthewson

Photographer Derek Ryan Mathewson recently submitted a photo that he took of himself enjoying an especially peaceful moment in Sedona’s Subway Cave.

“There are a lot of hidden gems and amazing scenery in Sedona, but seeking out the spots that take a little more research and effort is always worth it,” Mathewson says. “Although the hike to this location is not tough, it is knowing which trailhead it is on and how far to go until you have to take a fork to get there that makes it fun.

“Being a huge fan of geological formations and caves, I had to make the trip here during my visit to Sedona. Once finding the location of the start of the trailhead, I made my way to the cave, got some epic shots and took in the views.”

Without spoiling the experience of discovery for others, Mathewson hints that another secret gem is located nearby, making Sedona’s Subway Cave a particularly special spot.

“It definitely will not disappoint,” he adds. “I hiked back as a very happy camper.”

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