Photo by Joseph J. Airdo

Join Joseph J. Airdo on a binaural audio adventure that includes a paddleboard expedition on Lake Powell and a sunset hike to nearby Horseshoe Bend.

Images Arizona managing editor Joseph J. Airdo recently enjoyed a weekend getaway to Page/Lake Powell, during which he embarked on a sunset hike to nearby Horseshoe Bend.

“As I looked down at the Colorado River calmly flowing betwixt the red sandstone walls of the canyon, a sense of serenity washed over me,” Airdo says. “Water droplets filled the air, creating a haze that gave the scene somewhat of a dream-like atmosphere. It was as though all of my fears, doubts and regrets had fallen down into the canyon and were slowly floating along the river, rounding the bend and disappearing from sight.

“As the sun set, the sky to the north exhibited a remarkable rainbow of colors while, to the south, a distant storm provided a tantalizing light show against the backdrop of dark clouds. I decided to lie down on my back and, sandwiched between the cool breeze of the air above me and the relaxing warmth of the rock below me, I felt completely connected to the earth.”

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