O Christmas Tree; Christmas Tree Farms Around the Valley


Writer Grace Hill

The smell of fresh cut pines in the air can instantly transport people to a time unlike any other. To a day magic fills the air and hope fills their hearts. The hope of an upcoming holiday season overflowing with love, joy and family. For many, there can be no day like that of picking out the family Christmas tree. Not just any tree, though — the perfect tree.

As the family steps onto the Christmas tree lot, anticipation and excitement begins to overwhelm them. But choosing the right tree makes for no easy task. First, the appropriate size of the tree needs to be determined. Then, a careful inspection of the fullness of the tree occurs, with no gaps allowed. Next, fingers run across the needles. If too many fall off, the tree won’t make it until Christmas. Lastly, a deep inhale of the woody, earthy and familiar smell of the pine tree is needed. The one with the strongest scent wins. After all that has been completed, the family selects the right tree and brings it home.

Through this special tree, the spirit of Christmas enters the home and sets the Christmas season into motion. It begins with the decorating of the tree. As the family takes out the ornaments that have been collected over the years, memories that have been forgotten now bubble to the surface. They reminisce over the handmade, childhood ornaments and the special keepsakes that have been passed down through generations. Hot cocoa and sugar cookies fresh out of the oven are served, while classic Christmas songs play in the background. The children giggle with delight. The countdown to Christmas has begun.


To make your holiday just as special this year, Images Arizona has provided you with a list of Christmas tree farms throughout the Valley. Always call the farm before going in order to confirm supply, hours and locations. Some farms have holiday events, which you can find on their websites. In addition to this list, you can purchase fresh-cut trees at local nurseries, Home Depot and Lowe’s stores. Also available are Christmas tree permits for cutting down your own tree in a National Forest. Lastly, when the Christmas season comes to a close, please recycle your real Christmas tree.

Mondell Pine Farm
8625 Sweetwater Rd., Kingman

Mortimer Farms
12907 E. State Rte. 169, Dewey

Mother Nature’s Farm
1663 E. Baseline Rd., Gilbert

Tim Mitchell’s Christmas Trees
20001 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale

Tolmachoff Farms
5726 N. 75th Ave., Glendale

Valley View Christmas Trees
15175 S. 50th St., Phoenix

Vertuccio Farms
4011 S. Power Rd., Mesa

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