Writer Lara Piu

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hether it’s wellness, fitness or business, mind, body or soul, most everyone has aspirations for the new year. Here are eight new ways to find inspiration and gear up your goal game.

Grow it
Is healthy eating on your list? Consider a vegetable and herb garden. According to local gardening guru Gregory Ware, it all starts with proper soil preparation. In his upcoming soil preparation class held on January 29 ($40), you’ll learn how to build a balanced, healthy soil. He’ll then send you home with 100 square feet of locally-produced organic fertilizer and soil sulfur to get you started. southwestgardener.com

Zen yourself
Kick your new year off in a new state of mind. In her Zen Bird vision board workshop, Marian Mellen shares how to create the feel-goods, as well as tips and tricks for living with grace, positivity and joy. You’ll connect with a supportive group of like-minded people and create a 2017 vision board that you can take home to keep the good vibes flowing. thezenbird.com

Go vertical
Step outside your fitness box with the Boulders Resort & Spa’s new waterfall rappel ($150). You’ll scale a waterfall that cascades over ancient rock formations in the picturesque setting of this classic resort. Taught by expert guides, the class is designed around safety and control, and is well suited for both beginners as well as more experienced rappelers. And yes, a harness and helmet are included. theboulders.com

Keep tidy
The Tube Waistband ($24.95) helps you keep your stuff while you step in stride. Created by Scottsdale entrepreneur Lisa Henry Holmes, the band fits over or under clothing snug at your waist. Its three pockets have enough space to safely hold your phone, wallet, lipstick, snacks and more. The next-generation fanny pack comes in four sizes and 32 colors. Find it at Walmart and a variety of boutiques throughout the Valley. thetubewaistband.com

Steam sum
Throw a dim sum steamer into your veggie mix. This age-old method maximizes flavor, vitamins and nutrients. Steamers like the IMUSA Asian Bamboo Steamer ($29.99) cook vegetables, seafood and, of course, dim sum, and you can serve from them, too. The weaved design lets steam pass through for better results, and multiple layers mean a variety of foods are cooked simultaneously. Add herbs to the water for flavor. target.com

Glitter and grow
If this is the year for your business best, glean tips and tricks from local social media extraordinaire Kathy Cano-Murillo, widely known as Crafty Chica. Each month at Compass CBS, the former Arizona Republic writer-turned-creativepreneur shares the techniques she used to turn her glittery idea and a blog into a thriving business. If you’ve thought about starting your business then beginning with things like creating a registered virtual office address could help to organize your business, you could visit Your Virtual Office London and other similar companies for this kind of service. You also need to think about all the protection you’ll need to have for your business and a few other things, however, there is so much advice for this online if you look!


Fuse fitness
Fitness fusion rolls your favorite workout classes into one. Kara Thomas, Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain’s fitness and wellness director, says to look for instructors who stay true to form. She leads the resort’s vinyasa reformer class ($20), which combines flow yoga and Pilates on a reformer. It challenges the core and improves balance, coordination and posture through movement synchronized to breath. sanctuaryoncamelback.com

Conquer the mountain
If you’ve always wanted to climb
Camelback Mountain but have been holding out, try Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia’s Conquer Camelback excursion ($25). This three-hour hike is led by fitness and hiking experts who help you summit the more than two vertical miles of gravel, boulders and steep grades. They meet off-site each Saturday through the end of May. omnihotels.com