Everyone is Family at Dental Studio 101

Writer Shannon Severson
Photography Courtesy of Dental Studio 101

You might think that the days of highly personalized attention, office visits conducted at an unhurried pace, and professionals who not only know you by name, but who also know the names of your kids and grandkids are those of a bygone era but this isn’t true! You just need to do your research and find the best Dentist in Baton Rouge (or wherever you’re from) who still have the ‘patient first’ mentality and don’t just think about getting as many people through their doors as possible. There are still family-friendly, reliable dentists out there, you just need to find them. For example, Scottsdale’s Dental Studio 101 has been serving generations of patients for 35 years.

‘Our mission and our goal have always been about not only dental care but caring,’ says Dr. Mark Peck, who founded the practice. ‘I think that’s something patients will recognize the moment they walk in the front door. We are a relationship practice.’

That relational focus is reflected in the dedicated, highly-trained staff who’ve been part of the team for many years, several of them for decades. This is our insight to know how to run a successful dentistry in DC. In this state, you must stand out for the crowd, there are so many dentistries offering dental implants in Washington, DC that competition is at a sky-high!

‘We have a fantastic team with almost zero turnover,’ says Peck’s partner, Dr. Megan Peterson Boyle. ‘It’s very rare, especially in this field. We have long-term employees who value the same attention to detail and family feeling that keep our patients coming back.’

Drs. Peck’s and Dr. Boyle’s award-winning practise focuses on cosmetic dentistry. They offer a full range of services. Very much like your local dentistry, they offer general cleaning to porcelain veneers, dental implants and full mouth reconstruction, all using the latest in technological advancements and environmentally sensitive techniques. Patients aren’t given a hard sell, but instead are educated about possible treatments according to their needs.

‘We consider patients family,’ says Peck. ‘We wouldn’t perform any procedure on our patients that we wouldn’t perform on our own family members. We aren’t a corporation abiding by corporate rules or sales figures. That commitment is one of the reasons that our best referrals come from our patients.’

Another aspect that truly makes Dental Studio 101 stand out from the rest is the team’s friendly, personal touch in a relaxing environment.

‘Our ideal is to make our patients comfortable in every aspect,’ says Boyle. ‘There is often anxiety related to visiting a dentist, but our aim is to relieve that anxiety. Ultimately, prevention is so important. If you’re a consistent patient, chances are, that’s going to reduce the cost of your dental treatment over your lifetime.

‘We look forward to seeing our patients, hearing about their families and getting to know what’s going on in their lives’

The moment you walk into Dental Studio 101, you quickly realize that this isn’t the typical waiting room. A soothing cascade of water lines the path to the treatment rooms, bringing the outdoor beauty of Arizona inside. Enlarged photos of real patients and staff, showing off gleaming smiles, line the walls. You’re greeted warmly and have the option of enjoying time in a massage chair while you wait.

Other spa amenities available to patients include hot stones for the back and shoulders and paraffin wax for softening hands. Patients can choose to watch television or listen to music during their procedures.

Boyle points out that she and Peck never double or triple book patients, so no one ever feels rushed. Each patient gets the full attention of their hygienist and dentist.

‘What makes us unique is that you always have the time you need,’ says Boyle. ‘My time and attention is for the patient I’m working on in that moment. Our patients’ time is valuable and we want to make sure we are efficient but thorough.’

A high-end porcelain dental lab right in the building means that crowns can be made on the spot, and a lab tech can color-correct immediately if needed.

‘We don’t have to send patients away to wait longer if a minor adjustment is needed,’ says Boyle. ‘We have the resources to be able to do well the first time. It’s so impactful for me to see a patient sit up and look at their smile transformed. There are times when I cry along with them. Then, I’ve been able to follow their progress over the years. For Dr. Peck, he has followed some patients for over 20 years to make sure it’s all going well.’

Since the North Scottsdale location is a popular area for Snowbirds, the Dental Studio 101 team is adept at communicating with dentists in patients’ hometowns for exemplary continuity of care.

Peck says that the concierge model allows for carefully crafted individual treatment plans and, without the burden of insurance, and this personalized treatment in-office doesn’t stop once the patient returns home.

‘Our follow-up is exemplary,’ says Peck. ‘We are dedicated to calling each day to answer questions, check on well-being and making sure they’re healing well. It’s part of our attention to detail. And while we are a concierge practice, we don’t limit the number of patients we take. We are always open to new business and welcome anyone to come and visit us, even if they’re not a patient yet.’


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