Writer Joseph J. Airdo // Photo Courtesy of The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation this summer will host a series of camps designed to stimulate and expand the minds of K–12 students all season long.

Beginning in early June with sessions extending through July, Camp Taliesin West will feature full- and half-day camps in the areas of architecture, science, engineering, art and photography. Students may attend in-person at Taliesin West or virtually through Zoom.

Combining academic relevance with iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed principles of organic architecture and solutions-based design, each summer camp features its own unique variation of hands-on projects and activities designed to encourage participants to think critically, creatively and sustainably — just as Wright himself once did.

In Taliesin West’s Shaping a City camp, participants aged 11–15 will learn about the history of urban planning and design as they look at the numerous concerns facing cities today and design 3D models of their very own cities to further explore the many ways that architecture can be used to improve a community.

Meanwhile, Dream in Color will teach campers aged 11–15 the basic principles of interior design — such as color, texture, pattern, balance, proportion and symmetry — and will deepen their engagement with color theory, including how various pigments complement each other.

Campers aged 12–15 have an opportunity to become junior architects through the discovery and mastery of incorporating the many needs and desires of clients, environmental concerns and sustainable practices into their designs through Taliesin West’s Design Your Dream Space camp.

Aspiring photographers aged 12–16 will learn about the tools needed to best utilize a DSLR camera — including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, creative composition, image framing and the challenges of working with light and shadow — during Taliesin West’s Photographing Wright camp.

Finally, Taliesin West’s Virtual Architecture and Design Camp will feature a myriad of specially-designed architecture, engineering and history-focused activities that utilize only basic household items. Participants aged 7–12 will enjoy virtual experiments, guided 3D tours and more that will help them will dive deep into the realm of architecture as they work to create digital models of their own dream spaces.

Strongly geared toward students with an interest in architecture and STEAM disciplines, camp curriculums will include a range of collaborative design experiments and model-building activities, tours of the site customized to each camp’s focus, exclusive access to subject-matter experts and more. This year’s revamped program also encompasses urban planning and interior design lessons.

“We really focus on making learning fun and engaging through hands-on activities that reflect the architecture and nature here at Taliesin West,” says Abbie Wilson, education manager for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. “We also appeal to so many different kids with varied interests, from photography to architecture to interior design to urban planning. And our virtual camp brings those activities into the home for kids who can’t make it to Taliesin West.”

Camp Taliesin West // June 6–July 29 // Taliesin West // 12621 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Scottsdale // $50+; scholarships available // franklloydwright.org/camp