Scenes from the Mother Road

Writer Amanda ChristmannPhotography by Terrence Moore f ever there were symbols of the American spirit, it would be the diners, service stations and stops...

Intuition, Improvisation and Inspiration: Michael McKee

When Michael McKee is painting, he is in the moment. Much like a jazz musician who improvises while playing a song, McKee relies on his intuition to guide him with every stroke of pigment as he creates colorful, bold, contemporary pastel abstract and landscape paintings.

Larry Fitzgerald: A Decade of Giving

Centuries ago, according to legend, the French writer, historian and philosopher Voltaire is believed to have said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” If he were to glance down from his heavenly abode (or wherever it is that his soul has been all these years), he could hardly find a better example of his words in action when it comes to the Valley’s own Larry Fitzgerald.

Salmon Cakes

Healthy, light and delicious, salmon cakes are easily prepared with ingredients you may already have on hand! Great served over a salad, or just by themselves. Feel free to change up the herbs or veggies according to your taste!  Use my “secret” sauce or your favorite store-bought aioli.

Citrus Cilantro Chicken

This one pan chicken dish is refreshing and full of flavor. I love how the sauce bakes with the chicken and becomes a sticky glaze. It’s a yummy, quick dish for any night of the week!

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