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Backyard Blooms

Arizona’s gardening community is full of flower-growing enthusiasts who have found connections on social media — particularly Instagram — where they share photos of seedlings to bouquets as well as trade tips and even seeds.

It Takes a Village… of Vegetables

Established in 1976 by former Scottsdale resident Mark Miller, the Scottsdale Community Garden Club occupies about seven acres at the northeast corner of the Scottsdale Community College campus. More than 200 garden members and co-gardeners bring 186 plots to life with green lettuce, red tomatoes, yellow squash, white cauliflower and everything in between.

Wading Through Worldly Waters

Boulder Creek High School seniors Abby Maxwell-Todd and Norah Lindsay are raising funds to drill a deepwater borehole to give children and their families in the Ugandan village of Nainala A. access to clean, life-saving water.

A Life of Art and Illumination

Although Anthem resident Joe Bousard’s professional journey in music and theater has taken him to not only New York but also as far away as Japan, it has now come full circle, bringing him back to Arizona where his story of stardom started.

A Thrilling Conclusion

“Les Misérables, School Edition” is coming to Carefree’s Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion April 21–30, courtesy of Desert Foothills Theater.

Painting Outside the Lines

It is not uncommon for contemporary artist Niki Woehler to paint for 18 hours straight, producing organic, textural canvas works as well as abstract, high-gloss resin art panels and customized waterproof art installations emphasizing rich color that often resemble stone scattered with minerals.

Above Arizona

Images Arizona’s photo essay this month is devoted to sharing a selection of Anthony Giammarino’s photography, captured by drone, with the hope that it inspires our readers to broaden their perspective of Arizona and see its aesthetic splendor from a new angle.

High-Flying Adventures

If you’re up for a bit of adventure, there are plenty of high-flying options that allow just about anyone to soar over Arizona and see its grand extravagance from the sky.

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