Photo by Tevin Jones

Landscape, nature and wildlife photographer Tevin Jones recently submitted a photo that he took of the Superstition Mountains from Weaver’s Needle Vista Viewpoint in Apache Junction.

“I have been inspired by Arizona’s landscapes my entire life,” Jones says. “Mainly the landscapes of northern Arizona. But this image changed all of that. This was the first image that ignited a love for the Superstitions that only grows the more I explore them.

“As I walked the trail to find a composition, I noticed the rumbling of thunder in the distance. Immediately after I took this photo, the clouds seemed to collapse in on me. Thunder and lightning surrounded me. With a crack of thunder, I began to be soaked by rain and hail.

“Soaked and not sure if my camera was ruined, I had the biggest and goofiest grin on my face. I was amazed at how beautiful a location in my backyard truly was. I no longer had to drive three hours to the Grand Canyon.

“Now I get out to the Superstition wilderness as often as I can — hopefully, documenting the subtle changes that will occur over the years. The Superstition wilderness will be a long-term project that will last for as long as I live in Arizona.”

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