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Wonder & Whimsy

Through Touch of Wonder Designs, 53-year-old Anthem resident Kelly Autry has finally realized a dream she had 30 years ago to own her own business through which she embraces and exercises her creativity.

Taking Time to Paint the Flowers

Our Sonoran Desert trails provide Cynthia Eral with plenty of inspiration for her art. Whether it is a wild animal, a majestic sunset or one of the beautiful botanicals that are unique to our Sonoran Desert, absorbing the natural world helps the artist connect with her subjects and find the right feeling or emotion that she wants to convey.

Crawfish for Christian

On March 4, McClelland-Miller’s Mardi Gras will return from its pandemic hiatus for a huge celebration and fundraiser beginning at 5 p.m. at the Roadrunner Restaurant & Saloon in New River.

A Decade of Drills

Having officially reached its decennial on Feb. 4, Ironwood CrossFit and Fitness will host an official celebration on Saturday, March 25 during which the community can gather for group workouts as well as enjoy some great food and music.

Tales as Old as Time

Several seemingly eternal stories will illuminate stages across Arizona this month, encouraging audiences to embrace the unexplainable magic and romance of life.

Pets in Pastels

Anthem resident Linda Hogg uses pastels to create beautiful commissioned portraits of her clients’ pets.

The (Damn) Kids are Alright

Known together as The Damn Kids, guitarist Phil Mazzio, drummer Brock Hauser, guitarist and vocalist Jack Montesano and bassist and vocalist Luke Horton prevailed over more than 300 competitors to win Alice Cooper’s 20th Annual Proof is in the Pudding Music and Dance Competition.

Worldwide Wonder

Global studies program advisor Elizabeth Erickson guides Boulder Creek High School students Aishah Alquran, Alexis Hill and Madeleine Baird on their global journey.

Purses in Wonderland

This February, Anthem Giving Circle will invite the community to step into Wonderland and celebrate everyone’s very merry un-birthday with a fabulous tea party with libations, from which they may even walk away with their new favorite handbag.

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