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Love is All Around

Many argue that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a commercial holiday. However, something so significant to and deeply rooted in our lives as love is worthy of celebration — especially if viewed through a much wider lens, which is precisely what several of the Valley’s performing arts organizations have done with their programming this month.

To Be or Not to Be… That is the Equestrian

Comprised of a micro-school, an equine therapy program and a recreational therapy program, The H.E.A.R.T. Center strives to empower individuals with special needs to build confidence and develop life skills through recreation- and activity-integrated educational programs.

On the Wings of Love

There is a lot of love, passion and heart that goes into the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the more than 800 wild birds Wild at Heart takes in each year.

Marching on Four Hooves

Parada del Sol attracts more than 30,000 people and provides the community an opportunity to showcase and celebrate its rich history that is steeped in Western roots.

M3F: Festivals of Philanthropy

M3F stands as a guiding beacon for what can happen when the cultural influence of music, art, food and immersive experiences are used for the betterment of society at large.

Catching Stars

Scottsdale’s award-winning Christian Youth Theater is an educational nonprofit performing arts organization that welcomes children from all backgrounds and has been training and guiding the talents of young actors and singers for 15 years.

Hats Off to a Worthy Cause

The English Rose Tea Room on Feb. 27 will host the elegant fundraiser — to benefit Desert Foothills Library — during which attendees may enjoy tea, cakes and a chance to take home one or more of 50 vintage hats.

There’s Snow Place Like Arizona

For this month’s photo essay, Images Arizona invited members of Phoenix Camera Club — a collective of photography enthusiasts that has been in existence since 1932 — to share some of their favorite photographs that unequivocally illustrate that there is no place like Arizona in winter.

Southwestern Winter Wonderland

There is certainly no shortage of snow-covered areas around Arizona at which you can get away from it all, take in absolutely breathtaking views and experience all of the amazing magic that this season has to offer.

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