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Look at all these smiling faces! 😀 Meet the IMAGES ARIZONA team and find out what we love about the Grand Canyon state!


Shelly Spence

Arizona is one of the most photogenic places in the United States. We are all familiar with the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, but the starry nights and desert panoramas are my personal favorites. Our saguaros are like sculptures in a vivid landscape painting. Another high point for me is having the opportunity to celebrate our unique history and create the best future with like-minded business owners. We are all working together for the betterment of our state.

Account Executive

Tatum Williams

Advertising Sales

Loren Sheck

When my wife, Phyllis, and I decided to leave Chicago 22 years ago, we had only one destination in mind: Arizona. Being avid golfers, we had visited Scottsdale many times to improve our games (never happened!) and fell in love with everything Arizona — the warmth, the desert and the lifestyle. Since then, we have never looked back. We are Arizona proud!


Kyndra Kelly

My absolute favorite part about Arizona are the vivid, coral and fuchsia sunsets. It’s an inspiring thing to be surrounded by such beautiful mountains, nature, and sky all year round! Arizona has it ALL, and I am proud to live in this gorgeous state.

Managing Editor

Amanda Christmann

For the better part of three decades, I have called Arizona home. Though I’ve come and gone through the years, the beauty of the desert and the depth of the connections I’ve been fortunate enough to make here always draw me back.

When I first began contributing to Images Arizona in 2009, I had no idea how much it would become part of my life. From editing pages from a crocodile farm in Ghana, to waxing eloquent about the desert from a coffee shop in St. Louis, I’ve taken it with me no matter where I’ve gone. No matter where I’ve lived, this community has become home.
Now, after a final return to the Valley of the Sun, I’m excited to take on a managerial role, working more closely with our wonderful family of writers, photographers and designers. I love what Images Arizona magazine has become, and #iamAZproud!

Scott Baxter


Bryan Black

Coming from a country known for wet and green, you’ll get no argument from me. I love the weather. It still amazes me how ridiculously hot it gets in the summer, but there are always sunny blue skies. This results in an incredible diversity of people to meet and activities to do. I couldn’t imagine a better place to raise my family and explore from.

Dog Designer


Since my mom, Shelly, rescued me, I have really enjoyed getting a new perspective on Arizona. I love visiting with the other dogs in Carefree, and I especially like barking at the delivery trucks behind the office. I also enjoy spending time with my new co-workers, Grace, Ana and Jenn S. They give me lots of treats and love. But my absolute favorite thing about Arizona are the rabbits! I may have run into a few walls trying to catch them.


Loralei Lazurek

I remember the first time I got off the plane in Phoenix. I can still see perfectly the shot that I wanted to take of a saguaro cactus with the sun shining brightly down on it. I fell in love instantly! With my camera in my hands, I moved away from taking pictures of my home of Chicago and started on Arizona. I have been photographing the people and landscapes of Arizona for 20 years now and I couldn’t love what I do more. So many interesting and wonderful people have moved here from all over the country, and we have all fallen in love with the vast array of landscapes we get to enjoy here. It is truly a beautiful state and a perfect place for a photographer to call home!

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